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The importance of flags can never be overstated.

Flags have always been unifying symbols, sort of umbrellas under which people gather for a common purpose to define and/or to preserve their way of life. However, they are much more than foundational identifiers of communities and cultures. The colors and designs in flags give a peek into the very fabric of the societies and groups they represent.

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Since centuries flags have been employed to rally people. They have played a vital role in integrating varied individual ideas into stronger, impactful and accomplishable goals. This coalescing of communal values under the aegis of the flag has led to rebellions, wars and, most importantly, the shaping of cultures around the world.

Flags continue to be the the single most distinguishable and recognisable element of a community. Through our web site, we pay obeisance to these signatures of societies and communities.

What is FlagColorCodes.com?

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FlagColorCodes.com is a collection of the famous and not-so-famous flags from around the world. In addition to all country flags, the site has banners of the states and provinces of United states, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Colombia etc. We have also included a section of sports flags, which we are sure would be a hit with sports enthusiasts and fans.

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Similarly, there is a separate section for LGBTQ+ community members. They have our unwavering support as they tackle new barriers and strive for their identity. Stand strong brothers and sisters!

We strive to provide validated and authentic data – typically, official color codes and values wherever possible. The source of the color value is almost always mentioned.

We welcome your suggestions and queries which can be posted via the contact us form.