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The data on FlagColorCodes has been collected by scouring trusted books and online resources. Whilst every attempt has been made to provide correct and useful information, mistakes could have been unintentionally included due to human error. If you come across an error or inaccuracy in the information, please use the contact form to inform us about it.

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The primary purpose of the web site is to offer information on the various flags of the world, the color and color codes used in those flags. FlagColorCodes.com also has images of the flags in both raster (png and jpg) and vector formats (svg) for download.

Unless otherwise stated, the CMYK values have been derived from the hexadecimal codes using known formulae. CMYK system is used for print while hex/RGB are employed for digital screens. There may be a vast difference on how a color looks when printed on paper using CMYK values and how it appears on the screen with hex/RGB codes.

Also, Pantone (PMS), RAL and NCS (Natural Color System) are other color systems used in the real world. The way a particular color appears in these systems will be different on how it looks on a digital screen.

Printing Flag Images

When printing images of the flags offered on the site, please be aware that color reproduction will depend on the printer and the inks used. The colors displayed on the monitor may come out significantly different from the printer.

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